Master Nurse Interview Essay

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Introduction Due to the constant evolvement of the healthcare system and focus on health and wellness, master’s prepared nurses are gaining greater significance. Master’s prepared nurses gain advanced learning and key competencies and skills, with the objective of realizing positive results to the patient. In particular, this paper provides an understanding of master’s prepared nurse as experienced in an interview set-up. By getting real-life experiences and advice from my interviewee, I am in a better position to express my interest and take the appropriate steps in the field of nursing. My interviewee has a master’s degree in informatics and works at a local hospital. I meet her at a local hospital and realized that she was unique and highly qualified. Overview of Career…show more content…
She had a passion for chemistry, biology, and computer-related activities. From the interview, I learned that she did her bachelor degree in Nursing at Chamberlin College and later pursued her master’s degree in Informatics. The interviewee stated that she has been in the nursing profession for about 5 years. In 2010, she joined Utah University for her master’s degree in informatics. She worked at Utah University from 2011 as the assistant manager in the department of informatics. She did full-time studies in the school and attended work in the evening or weekends as a way of meeting her basic needs. After graduating with her Master’s in Informatics, she was employed as an assistant manager in the Department of Informatics at NP Hospital. After 3 years, she was promoted to be the manager in charge of information-related operations in the

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