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Preparedness is a shared responsibility in keeping community’s safe during times of crisis. Preparedness calls for involvement from everyone in the community, not just government agencies (FEMA, 2011). To ensure communities are prepared during times of crisis there must be effective communications between emergency management personnel and citizens of the community. It is essential that no one be left out of the community’s communication plan. Communicating effectively with the community means communicating with the whole community. Communities are diverse. They are made up of people from different cultural backgrounds, people of different ages, individuals with disabilities, and individuals with other access and functional needs such as limited English…show more content…
Local media outlets will work to broadcast disaster-related information to the public.
d. The severity of disaster may damage telephone, radio, and television communication. Should this occur, the use of the public-address system, door-to-door notifications and other means of communication will be initiated.
Communications with Vulnerable Populations:
a. In the event of an emergency or disaster, one of the biggest challenges will be to communicate effectively with the vulnerable population of the community. A multi-faceted strategy will be needed to address specific needs of these groups or individuals.
b. Vulnerable populations have been pre-identified and communication strategies developed to address their specific needs.
c. Informational material will be available to the public. Where appropriate, community partners will assist with dissemination of information to vulnerable populations.
d. Community partners include but are not limited to: community-based organizations, volunteer organizations, churches, nongovernment agencies, neighborhood associations and the media
e. Communication strategies for vulnerable populations will include but are not limited to the following activities:

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