Preposterous Similarities Between The Inuit And The Iroquois

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HEY YOU I NEED YOUR ATTENTION!!! Now that I obtained your attention, listen up! Right now you will be learning the differences and similarities about two Native American tribes. The first tribe is the Inuits, the second tribe is the Iroquois. In paragraph number one you will be learning two preposterous similarities between the Inuit & Iroquois. After that snack you will learn about how in two ways they were different. Lastly you will learn about two other ways they were different. Now shall we move on already. Hello again, we shall be glancing at two similarities that the Inuit & Iroquois had in common. For example, they both had myths and legends explaining the origins of everyday objects. For example, where did a mosquito come from. Or how stars came to be as they are today. This supports how they were the same, even if the myths or legends might be different they still explain the origins. Another example they were similar is that they made arts and…show more content…
Third, is that they had different populations. The Inuit had a population of over 60,000 people. While the Iroquois only had 20,000 people in all. This is another way they are different from the result of them having different population. The last way they are different is that the Iroquois dried their food, however the Inuits did not. The reason for this is that the climates are different. The Iroquois have a dry climate making it easier to dry. However the Inuit have a cold and snowy climate, making it almost impossible to dry food. These are all the reasons why they are different. Now time to terminate this essay. Today you learned about ways the Inuit & Iroquois were same and different. First you learned ways the tribes were the same. Second you learned about how they were different. Last you learned exceedingly about how they were different. Now you learned a bit too too much about how Native Americans Tribes might not all be the
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