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Page 2: ABOUT US Located in the westernmost region of New York, MG Kennels has been breeding excellent Presa Canarios for almost a decade now. We strive to maintain the high quality of our Presa Canario breed, making them healthy and perfect both for show and work. We have climate-controlled Presa Canario kennels inside and outside of our exclusive and spacious facility in Buffalo, the city situated on the shores of the renowned Lake Erie, one of the five and the largest lakes in North America and the tenth globally in surface area. All our Presa Canario puppies for sale are FCI registered and we have people who are always there for them twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. We have a private and expert Presa Canario vet available on-call. We are one of the internationally recognized licensed breeders of Presa Canarios in the US and the home to award-winning, original and world-class Presa Canario puppies and Presa Canario dogs. Premier Breed Quality We have champion breeds of Presa Canario puppies. Currently, we have 3 award-winning dogs, Leia, Tigra, and Ruca. Leia (also known as Liea of Bravo Kennel and Supreme Grand Champion Liea) is the pride and joy of MG Kennels. She is a world record-breaking…show more content…
And so, we work closely with our Presa Canario puppies probable owners so we can match them with a puppy that will live up to their individual needs and preferences. For the interested buyers wanting to reserve a Presa Canario puppy, we request for a deposit that is non-refundable, which shall be subtracted from total price. Again, all our Presa Canario puppies are FCI registered and complete with the necessary and mandated health guarantees. To ensure peace of mind, we provide a 1-year guarantee on inborn health deformities and a 2-year guarantee on bilateral hip dysphasia. Once a sale is made, a no refund policy

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