Preschool Observation

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Briefly describe the setting: The school cafeteria is where every morning all the students including preschool gathers to wait for the rest of the students. Preschool uses 3 round tables with 6 chairs each table, were we place some coloring books, crayons, and toys to keep the children entertain while we wait for the rest to be drop-off – there are 15 preschoolers total.
Objective description: B.G is in one of the tables playing with several cars along with his friend L (boy); suddenly he grabs a red truck and started moving the car around the table following the circle shape. After a while, he pushes the car from one corner to the other, so the car drops to the floor and every time he crashes the car, he starts laughing. I told him “honey,
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was disappointed that I took his favorite truck away from him; however, he did not argue with me; instead, he went away pretending to be hiding. He has a big heart, but sometimes he likes to challenge the teachers or the aides. I went over where he was, sit next to him, and asked him what just happened, he said “I like the truck” and I said “honey, I asked you twice not to drop the car and you did not listened, these trucks are from the school and we need to keep our toys and classroom in good condition.” He nodded and said “I won’t do it again”. He is very…show more content…
Briefly describe the setting: Music time, it’s time for music and exploring instruments playing different song, we make a circle and each preschooler has the chance to play the instrument while following the rhythm of the song. There are 6 children total.
What materials or toys is the child using? A child’s xylophone with a stick to play it.
Objective description: each child plays the instrument with such a joy, but her.
Subjective description: after we played one song, I notice her not playing it with joyfully; so, I stop the music and ask each of the preschoolers “what is your favorite instrument, and why” when it was her turn, she said “I love castanets because they remind me of the seashells”. I decided to switch instruments with their friends, so everyone had a chance to play different instruments.
Planning: I will create more exciting games, where each participant will provide a reason why he or she likes or dislikes a toy, instrument, or activity. I will include her more in taking the

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