Preschool Pedagogics-Kindergarten Case Study

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A COMPARATIVE STUDY ON THE PRESCHOOL PEDAGOGICS – KINDERGARTEN, MONTESSORI, TEACHER-DIRECTED; BASED ON THE SCIENCE ACQUISITION, CURIOSITY OF CHILDREN AND TEACHER’S PERSPECTIVE Dr.Mahjabeen Hyrun Zareena.M Assistant Professor, M.Sc., Student, Department of PG Studies and Department of PG Studies and Research in Human Studies, Research in Human Studies, J.B.A.S College for Women, J.B.A.S College for Women, Chennai – 600 018. Chennai – 600 018. Abstract The present research aims to study the preschool pedagogics-kindergarten, Montessori, teacher-directed; based on the science acquisition, curiosity of children and teacher’s perspective. The SPET tool was designed by the investigator M.Hyrun Zareena (2005) to interprent the acquisition of science concepts among the pre-school children. The research was conducted in 6 preschools in Chennai among 60 boys and 60 girls of ages 3-5 and 45 teachers exposed to kindergarten, Montessori and teacher-directed approaches. The data collected was computed using mean, standard deviation, ANOVA, post hoc test: turkey HSD and Karl Pearson’s correlation. The results of this research revealed that the children exposed to Montessori approach had better Science knowledge than exposed to kindergarten and Teacher-Directed approaches; Introduction Preschool age to distinguish it from the

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