Preschool Room Observation

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On Monday February 29, Doris arrived at my center and informed me that she's here for an inspection. During the inspection, she informed me that my Preschool room is out of ratio and that I have two infants under 17 months there. I would like for her to specify who those infants are because of the two youngest children that I moved to the toddler room, neither was under 17 months. I processed several applications for employment the week of February 22 and submitted background checks on the following applicants: Amber Jones, Nancy Estrada, Margie Lovaton, and Farzana Zehra. I hired Amber, Nancy and Margie pending background results and kept Farzana on standby in case she was needed. When Doris asked for background check for my new staff, I found all but Margie Lovaton. I re-submitted immediately right in front of Doris…show more content…
During the inspection of February 29, Doris insulted me by saying that I cannot keep staff. She said my pre-school teacher couldn't come to me with concerns because she's afraid and I replied that it's not true, all my staff are very comfortable with me. I asked if my pre-school teacher said that and Doris said no, she's putting words into her mouth. What alarmed me the most was when she told me "you cannot learn" and asked if I've considered selling the center and when I asked if I should consider it, she said yes. She said she has a friend that wants to buy an established daycare. I told her that I've giving my all to the center and often work long hours therefore I dont want to sell it. She asked me to sign the inspection report and when I asked if I could first read it, she said yes then after signing, she said she need to revise it and add another deficiency of not submitting a background check for Margie Lovaton although I did. Upon adding another deficiency she asked if I want to read it again. I said no, it's
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