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Problems faced by preschool school teachers while implementing a curriculum: A comparison between ECCE trained and Non ECCE trained teachers.
Research Question- What are the problems faced by preschool teachers while implementing a curriculum? Is there any significant difference between the level of difficulty faced by ECCE trained and Non ECCE trained teachers?
Introduction- The teacher’s role is very crucial in the implementation of a preschool classroom. While some factors facilitate or hinder the curriculum implementation, the key role of implementation is played by the staff.
Importance- This study will further help us understand the difficulties the preschool teachers face while implementing a curriculum. The study also helps us identify the reasons teachers
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The difference between the difficulties faced by the teachers based on the education level and the preservice trained received.
3. Does the experience of the teachers make much of a difference.
1. To find out the various difficulties faced by the teachers while implementing a curriculum.
2. To know if the ECCE trained teachers face less difficulties compared to the Non ECCE trained teachers
Locale- Mumbai- This study will be conducted in the preschools from Mumbai.
Research Method- For this study, exploratory method of research will be used.
Tool- The used in the study would be questionnaire.
Sample- 200 preschool teachers
Sampling procedure- Purposive sampling

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