Preschool Children's Socio-Emotional Competencies

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Effect of Preschool Teachers’ Experience on Strategies to Scaffold Socio-Emotional Competencies (SEC) among Preschool Children in Eldoret Town, Kenya
Elizabeth A. Owino1; Rose Ruto-Korir2; HezbornKodero3
1Corresponding author, Department of Educational Psychology, Moi University
2Department of Educational Psychology, Moi University; 3 Department of Educational Psychology, Rongo University
The learning process, mental health and well-being of children in the future arefounded on their Preschool experiences. Focal to this is the children’s Socio-Emotional Competencies (SEC)which help them recognize, understand and appropriately express their emotions as well as identify and appreciate others’ emotional
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The fact that many children lack SEC skills important for their future overall life’s success is evident [20, 33]. With SEC skills, children are able to manage their fears, empathize, develop self-control, interpret emotional states of others, and effectively respond to their environments, amongst other abilities. There is a relationship between SEC, academic achievement and overall life success. However, many parents mainly consider the child’s academic outcomes when selecting preschools for their children not withstanding that SEC with academic endowment make a child successful in future [13,…show more content…
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