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Fires, Why They Can Help Did you know certain fires can actually help the land significantly? A fair amount of research suggests that this is the case. The solution is something called prescribed fires where basically to prevent catastrophic fires they just burn the stuff right away to get it over with. Furthermore, they can help habitats and people, plus the aforementioned catastrophe prevention and generally helping the entire forest as a whole. Fires can benefit people and the environment with its long-term effects. The Forest Service even said that “prescribed fires… benefit natural resources” (FAM) Fires can get rid of toxic materials and can allow fire dependent species to thrive. Finally, prescribed fires can help reduce overgrowth and overcrowding, and it can also keep people that live near potentially dangerous areas more safety from extreme…show more content…
The evidence shows that prescribed fires can “reduce the risk of unwanted fires in the future.” (FAM) The buildup that’s caused by preventing fires is an uncontrollable mass of fuel for a wildfire, which only validates the usefulness of prescribed fires. Mainly, this is because of the overgrowth which kills off fire-dependent species, allows pests such as mosquitoes to thrive, and it allows the forest to keep itself from rejuvenating. In conclusion, the prescribed fires can help reduce extreme wildfires and replenish the environment. Prescribed fires can help with the ecosystem of said burning point. This mainly helps in the fact that “many ecosystems became dense” (CSU) There isn’t enough space for species to truly thrive in where a forest that burns can restore itself with new species and provides a new canvas from what was already there. Because if the ecosystem is at a standstill the capacity of the ecosystem will cap, and there’ll be no more room for anything to live. Nevertheless the environment is dependent on fires to

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