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Many people believe prescription drugs are safe, but they can have dangerous side effects if they are overused. Many popular medications can become addictive. Millions of people are dealing with an addiction to prescription medications. More than 15 million Americans admit to overusing prescription drugs. Prescription drug abuse is almost as common as as illegal drug abuse. Sadly, many people are being admitted to hospitals for accidental overdoses of medications. Millions of people taking medications are not aware of the dangers of prescription drug addiction. Fortunately, when the dangers are recognized, people can take steps to cut back on prescription medications.

The Dangers of Lortab and other Opioids
Opioids affect the central nervous system. The
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The drug provides a high that is similar to being intoxicated. Overusing Valium can cause blackouts and even death if the drug is overused. Many people take Valium in conjunction with other drugs.

Oxycodone Changes The Nervous System
Oxycodone changes the way the central nervous system reacts to pain. The medication has a euphoric and sedative effect. The cost of the medication often leads people to obtain it through illegal means. One oxycodone pill can cost more than a hundred dollars.

The Dangers of Demerol
Demerol is similar to oxycodone. The drug provides immediately relieves pain, but overusing the medication can a resistance to the drug. People who overuse Demerol need higher doses of the medication to feel the pain relieving effects of the drug.

The Popularity of Codeine
Codeine is often found in prescription and over the counter cough syrup medications. The syrup is an opioid, and the drug is commonly added to soda at parties. The effects of the drugs cause an altered state of consciousness. The drug has been mentioned in several popular rap songs, and many people refer to codeine by the street mane purple drink.

The Overuse of

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