Prescription Drugs Ad Analysis

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I found this ad really interesting about the facts and problems of prescription medications in American households. As you can see, the ad tells the true statistics of prescriptions drugs, abuse, and overdose. It is crazy to know and I can’t believe seventy-percent of people who abuse prescription drugs are getting them from either family or friends. Also, it is mindboggling to see from the ad, that every 15 mins one American dies from an unintentional drug overdose because of taking prescription drugs. The ad is informative about these types of drugs and people need to know how deadly they can be when misusing them. Hopefully, when people see the advertisement, they will see what the dangers are to prescription drugs and will think twice before using them.…show more content…
The laws and regulations should apply to all and not single out certain groups or individuals. In my opinion, the elderly are in fact more susceptible to the effects of drugs because they either don 't know or really understand what the complications or symptoms are later on. In general, I feel the elderly need to be educated about the dangers and consequences of prescription drugs and its use. If not, they are more likely to misuse these drugs to what they are not intended for. Why this ad is so alarming, because it shows the growing problems of what people face with these types of drugs. To me, when people see the pills they are going to take, they don’t have a clue as to how powerful or deadly the drugs are beforehand. In my opinion, education on prescription drugs is the key to saving lives. These are some of the reasons why I believe it is important to have drug regulations, especially for the terminally ill and including the

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