Prescription Medication Importance

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As a society, we rely greatly on prescription medications to treat medical conditions and alleviate pain. Growing up, I always had the tendencies to avoid medication unless medically necessary. Fortunately, I was a very healthy child that rarely relied on any type of medication. As I got older, I noticed some of my family members having to take medication on a daily basis. I quickly realized that many people need prescription drugs in order to maintain their health when dealing with life-threatening conditions including high-blood pressure and high cholesterol. There are a number of individuals who need medication in order to survive and treat health complications. In essence, many lives are saved and prolonged due to being dependent on specific medication. Without medicine, people are more likely to…show more content…
If the drug will help me cope and improve my overall quality of life, I have no problem taking it. I usually do not have any issues taking medication if it temporary and helps alleviate any pain. As a nurse, I think it is extremely important to be knowledgeable about prescription drugs and inform the client on any risks involved and potential side effects. It is important for the client to know why the medication is being administered and how it may help their health, while carefully monitoring the usage. The role of the nurse is to ensure that drug administration abides by the seven rights including right patient, right time, right route, right drug, right dose, right reason, and right documentation. All in all, I find that medication can enhance one’s like and make certain illnesses easier to deal with, but at the same time I think it is important to value a person’s thoughts regarding medication and accept the decisions of clients if they choose to refuse

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