Prescription Pills Persuasive Speech

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The Purpose of Stopping Illegal Prescriptions in America Abusing prescription pain relievers has become a worldwide problem and it needs to be stopped. In the United States alone, an estimated amount of 2.1 million people are victims to disorders and addictions caused by prescription pain pills. This problem is rising at an exponential rate and the number of deaths due to prescription pain relievers overdose is 4 times higher than it was in 1999. People are using these medications as a cheaper way to get high. However, these alternative drugs may cost less but the consequences of abusing these pills are too high to take the risk. There are several reasons as to why the recreational use of prescription pills in the United States needs to be stopped. First and foremost, these pills serve as a gateway drugs to some of the most extreme drugs in the world and it could affect anyone in the world. For example, a boy has good relationships in life, a bright future, is school oriented, and has never been in contact with any drugs. College comes around and this boy…show more content…
Doing so can get anyone caught up in a lot of trouble that can impact one for the rest of their lives. From helping a friend by giving them a pass to helping a son start a business, it is important to always know the intent the who you are giving any sort of information or tangible item, plans to do with it. After taking a look at the meaning of legal accountability and its application in the real world, I can see how it applies to me. This law can put anyone and everyone involved in an illegal crime in a position that would make them regret ever even talking to the criminal. Learning about this law made me reevaluate my life and I would advise anyone that if someone approaches them about even getting a name to commit a crime, they should say no and avoid any association with that person in order to avoid a series of issues down the
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