Prescriptive Approach In Strategic Management

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There are 2 basic strategic theories: Prescriptive approach and Emergent approach. Both of prescriptive and emergent approaches should base on the changing environment.
A prescriptive strategy is one where the objective has been defined in advance and the main elements have been developed before the strategy commences (Lynch, 2012). As a prescriptive view, strategic management can be described as the identification of the purpose of the organisation and the plans and actions to achieve purpose (Andrews, 1987).
The prescriptive approach regards strategy development as a systematised and deterministic process where analysis of the organisation, its performance and external environment leads to the formation of a rational, long-term plan. Senior
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The value chain utilises a systems approach; value may be created in the service delivery subsystem and by effective use of the support subsystem. Service delivery activities are placed above the support activities as they are the fundamental value creation activities but they are buttressed by, or “support” by, activities that facilitate and improve service delivery. The three elements of service delivery – pre-service, point-of-service, and after-service – incorporate the production or creation of the service or product of health care and include primary operational process and marketing activities. Organisational culture, organisational structure, and strategic resources are the subsystems that support service delivery by ensuring an inviting and supportive atmosphere, an effective organisation, and sufficient resources such as finances, highly qualified staff, information systems, and appropriate facilities and equipment. Although not always apparent, such support systems and the value they add are critical for an effective and efficient…show more content…
It is pointed out by Ansoff that firms in fast-paced, competitive environments who use a systematic process for strategic planning very often go on to dominate their marketplace. Their logical, analytical approach allows them to devise predictive and pre-emptive strategies from which they can meet new opportunities head on. What's more, this approach makes it possible to organise complex activities and exercise a greater degree of control over different business

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