Prescriptive Vs Descriptive Grammar Essay

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Answer # 1 According to BBC’s definition of prescriptive grammar, it means that it’s, “[a] set of rules about language based on how people think language should be used.” (British Council, 1). The people who study English believe that there could be a right or wrong way to speak or write the English language. Descriptive grammar means that the English language can be followed by a set of rules in which it is how to be used. Depending on how the language is used, both prescriptive and descriptive could be equally correct. For example, a lot of slang words would fall under the prescriptive category which everyone who knows English as their first language would know what it means. An example would be, I’ve got this cat. When taking out the contraction, I’ve turns into I have and if someone was to say, “I have got,” it already is indicating possession so the “got” is not needed in the sentence. However, with descriptive, many English scholars would believe that it is incorrect for people to use slang at all and people should use the specific set of rules. Both prescriptive and descriptive grammars are equally right. Without the prescriptive language, everyone would be resulted to talk to others in a professional manner. With slang, which falls under the prescriptive grammar…show more content…
The example that Norquist gives of this idea is if someone said, “Call me a cab” and someone replied, “Hi cab.” Although someone makes a play on words, it shows just how complicated the English language actually is. It also shows just how many different options one sentence and the same words can do. Syntax could also mean that the same word has several other meanings. For example, the word bank could mean a place where people keep their money or it could mean a river
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