Present Day Detroit Analysis

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As I mentioned before the direct correlation between Clayton and Jonno is almost identical. They shared minuscule moments in which they construct small bonds which helps express my argument as they both strive for the same outcome to become a viral success and attract an audience. With their each of their unique and individual art form we see Clayton and Jonno trying to invoke the brokenness of Detroit through their work of art as stated in this quote “Against the decaying backdrop of present-day Detroit, a series of horrific crimes appear to be the work of a twisted serial killer. But layered onto the story is a cynical look at the future of journalism and a big dollop of the supernatural.” This quote also directly correlates my topic on…show more content…
“In a broken-down, bankrupt Detroit that has seen almost every type of crime, the corpse—half boy, half deer—goes beyond the pale. Someone is leaving nightmarish, surreal human-animal tableaux throughout the city, and as Det. Gabriella Versado investigates, things only get weirder and more terrifying.” This includes the reactions Det. Gabriella uses to contain his horrific creations because she also understands his craving for an…show more content…
While her daughter in the other hand is also content that this long and difficult case in which she involved her and her friend Cas in is finally over. Risking their very lives trying to apprehend a pedophile in person was quite foolish although they did a rather impressive job in dealing with him in multiple confrontation. Layla was tremendously satisfied to receive the attention and admiration from her small crowd who consisted of her mother and some of their peers. Although Cas could of done without all of the attention because it brought back some past problems but eventually dealt with them like she did with her prior

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