Self Hypnosis Essay

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Experiences make us what we are today and how our mind will work . sometime only one experience is enough to change a persons whole life and perspective on life. Like Dr. Brian Wiess’s one experience changed his whole outlook on his field of psychology. When one of his patient to her past life during regressions.
He first met Catherine in 1980 when she was 27 years old. She had came to his office to seek help for her anxiety,panic attacks and phobias. Although these symptoms had been with her since childhood , in the near past they had become much more worse. Everyday she would found herself more emotionally paralyzed and less able to function. She was terrified and understandably depressed.
In contrast to her chaotic life Dr.
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All hypnosis is in reality self hypnosis in that we the patients control the process. The therapists is merely a guide.
One aim of hypnosis and meditation is to access subconscious. This is the part of our brain that lies beneath our ordinary consciousness, beneath the constant onslaught of thoughts, feelings, outside stimuli, and other assaults on our awareness. The subconscious mind functions at a level deeper than our usual level of awareness. In the subconscious mind mental processes flash into our conscious perception of them. We experience moments of intuition, wisdom, creativity when these subconscious processes flash into our conscious awareness.
The subconscious is not limited by ou own imposed boundaries of of logic time and space. It can remember anything from anytime. It can impart creative solutions to our problem. It can outshine the ordinary to touch upon a wisdom far beyond our everyday capabilities. Hypnosis accesses the wisdom of the subconscious in a focused way in order to achieve healing. There is a broad spectrum of hypnosis techniques. They are designed to tap into a broad spectrum of hypnotic states, from light to deep
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