Present Decadence In The Great Gatsby

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American Dream was not challenging they all believed anyone can achieve it, which of course they eventually found out it wasn’t that simple. Gatsby’s ideal was a very simple yet complex one, he wanted Daisy to “ re love “ him and choose him over Tom it’s also complex because she is a married woman and a mother which made things problematic for Gatsby. Jay Gatsby was always a man full of desire he was passionate about whatever he did or wanted but he never quite fulfilled his passion when it came to Daisy, it took him 5 years to feel that he was wealthy enough to attract Daisy and for her to accept him, he chased a dream for 5 whole years and did not achieve it eventually. Daisy was responsible for his death as she was the one who ran over Myrtle but he took the blame and was shot dead by Myrtle’s husband Wilson, when nick arrived at Gatsby’s house after the incident he wondered “Nick imagines Gatsby’s final thoughts, and pictures him…show more content…
Background information was researched to give the readers context on the author himself including his early life and his inspirations to write the novel; to give the readers a basic idea on who the writer is and why he wrote the novel. I included the literary criticism on the novel to revel both sides of the novel and to look at the novel from another perspective, the reason writers use colour symbolism was included to educate the readers on why many writers use colour symbolism. The disillusionment experienced by numerous American citizens was involved in the essay to closely inform the readers on what the disillusionment and idealism that the American citizens believed actually
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