Present Education System

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Col HR Ruhil (Retd)
Singhania University
The aim of any education system is to provide inclusive quality education and learning opportunities for all which ensures that a learner is eventually transformed into a good human being imbibed with moral and ethical values and is equipped with adequate employment skills (self employment or job). In addition, the individual attains good communication skills imbibed with logical reasoning power and analytical powers so that his intellectual ability is not confined to his own field but can be used in any situation and in any field. Thus as useful member of society, this passout student is ready to contribute
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As a result, our higher education system has succeeded in producing graduates and post graduates who neither meet the needs of the industry nor are they capable of functioning independently in any office. Moreover, their analytical and logical reasoning ability is not developed. The education system is “teacher centric” rather than “student centric”. The student is forced to study and memorise what the teacher/ system desires rather than what the student desires.
Following are the major flaws in the present system:-
(a) No inter disciplinary mobility is possible.
(b) Lack of co relation with needs of environment.
(c) Lack of choices of subjects for the student.
(d) Latest tools and modes of acquiring and imparting knowledge are not being encouraged.
(e) No opportunity to the learner to walk out and walk in to earn a certification.
(f) No scope to introduce latest knowledge in the curriculum.
(g) Intellectual ability, logical reasoning and analytical powers are not
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There is no room for anybody else to dictate what to study and how long to study and what level of knowledge/ skill is required for a particular job. The education should be student centric rather than teacher (or regulator) centric. Let the learner decide what to study in accordance with his/ her aptitude, and let the learner decide, depending upon her capability and time available, as to how long he/ she will take to acquire the required level of skill/ knowledge. In any case, this is their fundamental right. Similarly, the university, being autonomous self regulating body, has the fundamental right to impart education in the manner it deems appropriate to the willing
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