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The theme of power used by the narrator, Shakespeare showcases several types of power in the storyline, for example, Psychological, Verbal and Physical through different variations. These are ideas that are made by Shakespeare to present power in Macbeth through various adjectives and verbs and language features. I believe the Events, Characters, and events are closely related and have some linkage to one another.

Shakespeare presents physical Power through the temperament of Macbeth in the play when Macbeth laughs at his luck and chops macdonwald, who apparently didn 't have enough time to say goodbye nor shake hands before Macbeth split him open in his jawbone from the navel to which he stuck on the wall. This is quoted in Act 1 Scene 2,
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This begins when Lady Macbeth starts to recite the promises made to Macbeth that was for him to be the Thane Of Cawdor. She spreads positivity until she says that she is "Worried" and " Feared". These keywords exemplify that Lady Macbeth is not sure if her husband, Macbeth has what it takes to pursue this prestigious position, giving negativity and control over Macbeth. In Act 1 Scene 5, when Lady Macbeth quotes, “It is too full o’th’ milk of human kindness to catch the nearest way,” through lines 3-5. The use of language proposes that Lady Macbeth knows the meaning and qualities of being a man, but unfortunately, her husband Macbeth, is very kind and compassionate in-order to pursue his opportunity to become King. I believe that Lady Macbeth wants Macbeth to be harsh and ruthless towards his opponents and eliminate them, to stand a chance to pursue the Thane Of Cawdor even if he doesn 't have the qualities. This is further recognized when Lady Macbeth Quotes - " Look like th ' innocent flower, but be the serpent under t '". The words "Innocent, flower", suggest that Lady Macbeth is using nature and the delicacy to describe the characteristics within Macbeth. Not only is nature involved, but when Lady Macbeth interestingly says, " Look", that proposes that Lady Macbeth has control over Macbeth and can guide and tell him what to do, or in this…show more content…
Most notably in the quote, "In thunder, lightning or rain". These words suggest that the witches have somewhat supernatural control over fundamental elements. This proposes that the 3 witches have no fear. or hesitation to meet under these conditions, showcasing that the 3 witches are fearless, and have unique psychological power shared amongst themselves. However, having supernatural forces surrounding or supporting the witches, was not always a good thing. At the time, if women had been convicted of being a supernatural being, then the village, or town would have drowned you in a river, with heavy objects being attached from the top. This was then tested in the Jacobean era where if you floated you were called for being a witch, however, if you drowned, you were classified as not a witch. The theme of supernatural then develops wherein act 1 scene 1 the witches first come into the limelight where they plan their meeting with

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