Reflection On Urinary Class

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In preparation for this presentation I reviewed my textbooks to discover creditable outside sources and learn relevant and applicable information on urinary tract infections. I also wanted to ensure that the information I was planning to communicate to my peers was up-to-date, relevant and precise. I expended a great deal of effort as I didn’t want to misconstrue the facts which could lead to misinformation. As well I recognized the importance of acquiring and conveying pertinent knowledge on this subject, not only for our upcoming clinical placement but also as we move forward into our careers and practices. I believe that the material I presented was a positive learning experience, both for myself, and my fellow students. Personally, I recognize…show more content…
I find that anxiety causes me to stumble and mispronounce my words which only makes it more difficulty to present all that I have planned. However, this time it was different and I finished my presentation with a sense of pride. Although, I know that with practice I will become more confident and proficient in public speaking, I believe my presentation UTIs was the best I have done so far. I have learned the importance of not reading directly from my cards, and also the necessity of making eye contact with the class to ensure they engaged. I was gratified when Lynn noticed that I endeavored to involve the class and help them understand that my subject and its content was important to us all. Based on the positive feedback from classmates, I know that my efforts to ensure my voice was loud and clear when speaking and that my words were articulate and easily understood, were successful. In retrospect I recognize that I could have improved on some of the content. If I were to do this presentation again I would focus on the complications that could occur if a patient’s UTI went unnoticed or was left untreated. My peers commented that additional visual aids such as diagrams or photos would have been educational and one student said additional activities would have been helpful. I was not completely satisfied with the activity, because in retrospect I believe that could have gone smoother…show more content…
I gained positively from this this experience, my confidence in myself with regards to public speaking grew and learning new skills in presentations and how effectively to share information with others about vital
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