Presents From My Aunts In Pakistan Poem Analysis

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With reference to ‘Presents from my aunts in Pakistan’, discuss what determines identity.
Every breathing creature on the ever-rotating earth has a unique identity. We often speak of one’s identity, and what properties make a person so diverse, exceptional and distinguishable. Identity is how we define ourselves, how we measure our capabilities, and it is the sum of what makes you who you are; your will; choices ;culture, language; religion; true nature; passions; tendencies. Thus, identity is not only who you are but is also how people see you, how you, as an individual reflect in society. A perfect picture of identity is set in the poem Presents from my aunts in Pakistan which is written by Moniza Alvi. The poem explores many themes, like: struggling with identity,assimilation, cultural differences and alienation where the young girl of mixed race is torn between two diverse cultures, she felt British thus was interested in Pakistani culture. The poem expresses the poet’s feelings and attitude, filled with a mixture of emotions about how Alvi felt as a young girl about her cultural identity. Throughout this essay, I am going to discuss how cultural diversity, alienation and assimilation can influence identity.
Although one’s identity is bound to be personal and exceptional, there are certain aspects that can affect identity;like cultural diversity. Cultural diversity is a range of different people of different origins, religions and traditions all living and interacting

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