Preservatives In Food Safety

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It is fact that for human survival food is an important and essential thing and now a day’s food industries use some different preservatives to preserve the foods from microbial spoilage. Preservatives not only play an important role to preserve food during its transportation but also preserve food characteristics like odor, taste and food is preserved for a long time (Gulsun et al., 2011).
Antimicrobials are that substances which is commonly used for three main reasons (a) to control natural spoilage processes (b) to prevent microbial contamination (c) to increase shelf life of different food products (Bakht et al., 2012). Different types of preservatives like natural preservatives, artificial preservatives and antimicrobial preservatives
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About 30% people in industrialize countries suffer food born disease each year (Kanatt et al., 2008). Not only industrialize countries but all over the world food borne diseases have seriously increasing concern to public health, which is mainly caused by microorganisms (Pundir et al., 2010). For consumers and the food industries, safe food is the basic and fundamental concern to both because especially as the number of food associated infections cases increasing continuously each year. It is well known that microorganism activities are the primary mode of food deterioration, loss of food quality and safety (Holley et al., 2005).Foods are not only of nutritional value for those who consume it but often an important culture media for different microbial activities and growth (Pirbalouti et al.,…show more content…
Microorganism present in food where they multiply to a level that will lead to food spoilage or food poisoning, which is in turn global health problem (Ashraf et al., 2011). Food associated infections like food spoilage, food poisoning and other food borne diseases are considered to be focused because it is important to human health. In this modern and industrialized world, food safety is a big fundamental issue for both consumers and food industries (Gurdip et al., 2006). Food preservation is a big and more complex issue because it requires longer shelf-life and better protection from microorganism (Kowti et al., 2010). Different natural substances like sugar, salt, vinegar etc used as traditional preservatives and certain processes like freezing, pickling, smoking and salting were also used to preserve food for long time (Gachkar et al.,

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