Presidency Experience Analysis

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During the residency experience, there are many things that one should learn when making sure that he or she is effective as a counselor. When working with clients, it was challenging to find other ways to interact with certain clients. Every individual will not be cooperative with the counseling process. One client that could be remembered was the trigger client that was chosen. The client was a man that was chauvinistic and did not want to speak to me because of my sexuality. I did better than I thought, but I am concerned that the counseling process would be different in real life. It would be beneficial to learn ways to help the client to open up even when there is resistance. Another challenge that one may face not being knowledgeable of the many intervention. For example, when working with a client that was afraid of clowns, it was obvious that I was not fully confident in working with a scenario that I was not knowledgeable about. It would be useful learn about phobias and what could trigger an episode.…show more content…
I showed the client the respect that they deserved. During the role play, I did not self-disclose any information. This could have sabotaged the counseling process. As a counselor, I welcome growth. One thing that surprised me about the process was how much I would learn during residency. The days were incensed and sometimes draining. The experience gave me the opportunity to see how important self-care is to a counselor. The counselor has to make time for self-care regardless of the responsibilities that one has. This experience has validated my desire to be a counselor. I also learned that being an effective counselor comes from experience and research. I cannot expect to be experienced within six days of role playing. I had to keep reminding myself to not be hard on
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