President Clinton Impeachment Analysis

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It’s December 19th, 1998 and the trial for the impeachment of President Clinton is about to take place. He has been our president since 1993, and now they think he needs to be impeached for everything he has done. However, I do not think he needs to be impeached he is a very good president. So far throughout his presidential term he has created over six million new jobs. “As a part of the 1993 Economic Plan, President Clinton cut taxes on fifteen million low-income families and made tax cuts available to ninety percent of small businesses, while raising taxes on just 1.2 percent of the wealthiest people (, 2013). Along with this President Clinton also signed the largest deficit reduction plan. This resulted in over six-hundred…show more content…
This was a law that offers workers up to twelve weeks of unpaid, job-guaranteed leave for medical or family issues. This was really nice when I was pregnant and I was able to take off for maternity leave. He was also able to cut taxes of several families with the earned income tax credit act. “President Clinton also ordered the U.S. Justice Department to conduct the first ever crackdown on dead-beat parents who refuse to accept financial responsibility for their own children” and he also “signed an executive order cracking down on federal employees who owe child support (, 2013).” This shows us how good of a president Bill is. He is doing so much for our country and he is making it a better place. President Clinton has also made education a priority which is good for me since I have two young boys. He created the law Goals 2000. This gave states federal grants to raise academic standards and improve the schools. “Charter school legislation signed by President Clinton encourages states and localities to set up public school choice” (, 2013). This shows me that President Clinton cares about the future of our children when it comes to
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