President DBQ Essay

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As citizens we tend to elect our leaders, especially the president, based on promises, reputation, and life decisions. When voting for the next president of the Unites States we are simply voting for the person whose character we like best. Their promises and platforms reveal what they believe in and their statements and arguments reveal what they truly stand for. For the citizens of the Unites States character is a extremely important factor in determining who they vote for because character reveals the personality and beliefs of the president. However we must acknowledge that Presidents are also human and they make personal decision due to what they see best for them and not the rest of the country. During times of need, this country turns to our presidents for guidance, reassurance, and answers. Citizens…show more content…
We learned this lesson when President Carter took office. He was a President that contained a incredible and highly respectable character who the people loved. His character made him an incredible man who stood for justice, fairness, and hope. His love for the people allowed him to expand on human and social services (source 3). However that same believe was what convinced him to allow the Shah to enter the United States since, he agreed for “humanitarian, not political reason (source 4)”, since he couldn’t deny a person medical help. However that decision was the star of 14 months of fear for the American people that were taken prisoners. Carter lacked the ability to make difficult decisions and the power to seek the better solution even if that way of obtaining the solution was by going behind his own believes. Carter showed the world that the President must be a person that can lead the country in times of need and be overall good person. They must be able to make decisions that are out of their comfort zone but that are still in line with all of America 's
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