President Franklin Delano Roosevelt: The President Who Made America Into A Superpower

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The United States has endured a total of 44 men in the presidential office. Some more obvious than others, have had an exceptional impact on this nation and others in result showed otherwise. From the top most influential presidents, deciding to focus on a single one takes a general sense on which had the biggest impact till this day. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt took office as the 32nd president of the United States on March 4, 1933. He served 12 consecutive years as “the president who made America into a superpower”. FDR was born in 1882 at Hyde Park, NY; now a historic site, later attended Harvard University and Columbia Law School. Franklin admired his cousin, President Theodore Roosevelt that gave him the inspiration to enter politics as a democratic figure and won the New York senate election of 1910. Around a decade later, in 1928 Roosevelt then became Governor of New York and assistant secretary of the Navy. When he was elected in office FDR faced the Great Depression, World War II and, America greatest foreign crisis. As he entered office in a horrible and economic depression…show more content…
Serving the longest term in American history, during these 12 years he has done more than any of his forerunners in office due to his actions responding on the obstacles he faced. FDR helped reshape the government’s power and nation’s economy. 1935 the government guaranteed unions the right to organize and bargain, and in 1938 the Fair Labor Standards Act; established a mechanism for putting a floor under wages and a height on hours that are continuous to this day. This helped aid the aged, inform, and unemployed when they cant provide for themselves. For a president who took office 75 years ago, from the growth of presidency, minimum wage, social security, The United Nations, and presidential term limits no president has had an impact on everyday life as Franklin Delano
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