President George Washington: What Makes A Great President?

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President George Washington What makes a president great? A great President shows what they want for America, and what they want to do to make America better. Everyone wants different presidents and will not agree with other people's beliefs. Some people might want a president that will change America, and some people might want to keep America the same. Some people might not like the new president but there is nothing you can do. So today, we will talk about President George Washington, and how he was a great president. We will talk about his years when he was in office, second we would talk about his birth, and his childhood. We will also talk about his beliefs, and what he did as a President. To begin with, Mary Ball had President George…show more content…
According to ( the length of President Washington he thought he was getting worse and he couldn't do it for longer. Secondly, President Washington accomplished the constitution before he retired. Washington accomplished a lot before he left Presidency. After being president George went to farms and grew crops and he did great with his crops. Last, before President Washington was president he a lieutenant of the armies, he was a planter also. A event that happened during Washington when he was President is Shays Rebellion, it happened because, poor people wanted taxes low. Lastly President George Washington had a great presidency. 1-4 First according to, President Washington was homeschooled and he went to church to learn. George Washington has a great education and he knew a lot. Secondly, George Washington was a lieutenant in the army. After that, he came president of the United States. George Washington was in a army and he helped army successful. We can see how President Washington was a great president, because he helped and made a lot of success in the army and in his jobs before president. George Washington was a great general and lieutenant, and he also was a commander in chief of the army
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