President Gerald Ford's Government Bailouts

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President Gerald Ford was left with a population of people that were let down by a scandal that knocked a candidate for the best president this nation had ever seen and just dumped him out of the office. Also an endless conflict that was the war in Vietnam. Coming in with great hostility did not help President Ford when he pardoned Former President Nixon. But, Ford did face the stagflation and recession this nation was having during this time period. Ford always had in his mind that anything could happen that the United States was not immune to anything and this made his disbelief in Government Bailouts a reality. With President ford in office living within your financial means was a reality. Now internationally President Ford started with…show more content…
He then raised taxes on cars he believed took up too much gasoline to power them. Another thing Jimmy Carter could have done better at but did not do such a good job at was international policies while he was in office. New threats from the middle east and the cold war nations made Jimmy Carter give things to those nations that would end up hurting the United States. When he put in place his Carter Doctrine which would not allow the U.S.S.R to expand he did it without looking at the future. This policy is to blame when it comes to most of the problems of the Middle East today. And tragically the Iran Hostage Crisis is what ended it for President Carter his lack of leadership and knowledge during this time ended up costing the United States valuable members of its international team, and Jimmy Carters re-election. As Americans look back today our nation stands better off, but most people do look at these situations and ask what if some of this stuff would have been done differently. That is a question we will never have an answer too, but for right now we just have to keep moving
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