President John D. Eisenhower's Impactment: The Presidency During The Cold War

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Presidency During the Cold War. “Mankind must put an end to war, before war puts an end to mankind.” President Kennedy once said in an address to the UN General Assembly on September 25 1961. President John F. Kennedy was one of the presidents that had to deal with the cold war. He was not the only one, however, as President Harry S. Truman, and Dwight D. Eisenhower dealt with it first. They all used different types of foreign policy, yet similar methods. Foreign policy is how they dealt with other countries. The Presidents all used Economic Aid, Military Aid, and Military Use to help with their foreign policy. According to the book by William Ayers, “American Anthem: Reconstruction to the Present” the cold war was a time where the US was in an argument with communism, however no shots were fired because there was the fear of being shot with nukes. Out of the three presidents, Truman was the first to deal with the Cold War. Since all three of…show more content…
He, however, took more of a military approach, as he was an Army general before he ran for president. For example, he too used Economic Aid, Military Aid, and Military Use, however, he also used Brinkmanship, Massive Retaliation, and he believed in the domino theory. He used Economic Aid by assisting any nation in the middle east that needs it economically, to dedicate it to national independency. He used Military Aid in a similar way that he used Economic aid, and that was to assist any nation that could need help militarily. However, his Military Use was a little different. He wanted to secure and protect territorial areas that are threatened by communist territories. Most of the time, that included massive retaliation or brinkmanship. Brinkmanship is when they would scare people into doing what we want, and massive retaliation is if someone does something to us, we do something back to them, but bigger than what they did. After Eisenhower, came

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