President Lyndon B. Johnson's Assassination

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On November 29, 1963 new President Lyndon B. Johnson (aka LBJ) signed an executive order creating the Presidents Commission on the Assassination of former President John F. Kennedy. The executive order instructed a seven mad panel, which became known as the Warren Commission, named after its chairman, U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice Earl Warren. This seven man panel of men started the file that had become a book for historical information which was soon called Warren Report. During this time the FBI, Secret Service, and the CIA were all involved with the report. Doing interviews for the press, interrogations of suspects, reviewing and expanding upon new and old information over the next 10 months of the investigation. During this time these three organizations had to find and…show more content…
And the conspiracy theories to the assassination and the people behind them. Having the public view of the press and outside sources. Even the criticisms of other countries are being put into consideration. With also having the criticisms and the opions of the family and friends of JFK. Besides those two topics the major issue that everyone was wondering was wat happen with the security on Nov. 22 that lead to JFK getting killed. How it failed and what went wrong. These three topics are what the Warren Report is mostly talking about, and what the FBI was mostly looking
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