President Lyndon Johnson Informative Speech

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For many, if not most, of the past presidents of the United States, taking the up mantle and leading the country is a joyous occasion, one riddled with the trappings of fanfare and accomplishment. For some, however, taking the title of United States president is far less cheerful and jubilant. One such instance, one that will be forever remembered in American history, is the day Lyndon Baynes Johnson stepped up to the plate and became president of the United States.
Lyndon Johnson was born in Texas in 1908 and grew up making a name for himself and shaping his future from the very get go. As a young adult, Johnson graduated from Southwest State Teacher’s College and began teaching unfortunate and disadvantaged Mexican-American students. It was largely due to his experience with these impoverished students that created a soft spot in Lyndon
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Unfortunately for the United States, this passing of the torch came as a result of a brutal attack on President Kennedy that resulted in his death. In this tragic turn of events, Lyndon Johnson made the transition from an almost unrecognizable Vice President to holding the most powerful office in the world. Although he now had power he so longed for, there had been a terrific and terrible price to pay.
As the 36th president of the United States, President Johnson was forced to do his best to lead the United States through and out of the Vietnam War. It was a task that most would not envy, and it proved to be a daunting task even for someone as abrasive as Lyndon Johnson. The war would eventually come to a close, but not without tarnishing the name of President Johnson. After serving his first partial term, President Johnson opted out of running for a second term, and retired to his Ranch at his home in Texas. Just a few short years later, Lyndon Johnson would suffer a heart attack and die at the age of
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