President Nixon And The Watergate Scandal

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President Nixon, the only president to ever resign from office, was considered a worse president than his predecessor Lyndon B Johnson. President Richard Nixon was the 37th president, whose term lasted from January 9, 1969 to August 9, 1974. Nixon was doomed to almost certain impeachment in 1973. Nixon resigned in 1974 with the threat of impeachment looming over his head. President Nixon had a poor impression on his presidency title when compared to his predecessor Lyndon B. Johnson because of the Watergate scandal, violation of international law, and attempt at wage and price controls. The Watergate Scandal was an act by President Nixon, that caused him to become the infamous president he was known as. The Watergate Scandal was a burglary that occurred in June 17, 1972 and was organized by none other than President Nixon himself. The scandal caused a great deal of uncertainty in America as no one wanted to believe that the President would do something so naive and devious. This scandal’s main purpose was to steal secret documents and wiretap phones in order to retrieve information from the…show more content…
On April 30th, 1970 Nixon declared that he would be authorizing the invasion of Cambodia with the United States and South Vietnamese Armies. However, even before declaring this for the past year many air raids had been made over and in Cambodia ( This caused the families of America to quickly lose their newly found hope in the president as he had decided to drag on the war, causing the families of soldiers more panic and delaying the soldiers arrival home. This not only put the lives of the soldiers in danger but the lives of the citizens of America who could have been attacked by the surprised Cambodians. Not only has Nixon broken the laws of the United States of America through the Watergate Scandal, Nixon also broke international laws, and would not be let off
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