Essay On President Of Iran

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The President of the Unites States of America is said to be the most powerful position in the world. The president is the head of government and the state, who is elected directly by the people. The president is considered the world’s most powerful person as the president’s role includes being the commander-in-chief of the one of the biggest armed forces in the world, with the largest nuclear arsenal. Another source of power comes from the fact that the president leads the largest economy in the world. However, congress and senate can limit the power of the president. The current president of the United States of America is Barrack Obama. The President of Iran is the highest elected official and heads the government. However, the president has to answer to the Supreme Leader of Iran, who is the head of state of Iran. In chapter IX of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s constitution, the powers of the president are laid out. This involves planning the budget, signing treaties,…show more content…
The president’s role is to carry out the "functions of the executive" which is outlined in Iranian constitution. The president is directly elected by the people of Iran, which gives him legitimate authority to carry out his functions. The president of Iran has all the trappings of a head of state, receiving and appointing ambassadors, singing treaties and legislations, but in fact, the Supreme Leader is the head of state. The president is however, the head of the government. This role includes overseeing the executive powers of the government, selecting and presiding over the Council of Ministers, appointing ambassadors, governors, mayors and directors of the Iranian Oil Company, National Bank and the Plan and Budget
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