President Trump's Argument Against Immigration

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A topic that has been talked about a lot lately in the United States and many other major countries this year has been immigration. This topic has been around for a very long time, but it’s been getting a lot of media attention lately in many major countries because of the increased media coverage of immigration over the last few years. The reasons for immigration have been mostly the same throughout history: war, famine, and bad governments. So, how do the people of the United States feel about immigration? Well, there are many different perspectives on present day immigration. Some people, such as journalist Eduardo Porter, believe that people like Trump, who believe that immigration should be limited, will “make America smaller” (Paragraph…show more content…
The people who are against immigration want it to get rid of it or they want it to be extremely limited in our country. One person who talked about how limiting immigration and stopping people from coming to the United States is a good change for us is David Goldman. In his article “President Trumps Immigration Ban is Magnificently Right” Goldman says that Trumps 90-day travel ban is “callous towards individual Muslims but merciful to American citizens, who have the right to go about their business without fear of mass terrorist attacks.” (Paragraph 3). Being against immigration because of the fear or extra crime and terrorism seems to be one of the main reasons for people in the United States to be against it. In the last election it was one of President Trumps main areas of focus. In his speech “Immigration: Let Me Tell You About My Plan” he said, “ Countless Americans (who) have died in recent years would be alive today if not for the open border policies of this Administration.” (Paragraph 19). Immigration is something that people on this side of the topic think causes too many problems in this country and should be stopped for the good of the American
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