President Woodrow Wilson's Fourteen Points During World War One

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On January 8, 1918, President Woodrow Wilson proposed the idea of fourteen points. These fourteen points were suggested to aid the nations in creating a more peaceful relationship amongst them. As World War one took its tolls on nations all over the world Woodrow Wilson decided that something needed to be done to put an end to the bloody war, so he suggested his fourteen points that would hopefully end the war and even after the war continue to maintain peace and positive relations between countries. A few of Wilson 's points were not obtained, but a few were brought into effect, and these few points that were passed have helped to advocate peace. During the war every action was being taken to ensure the victory, for example, Germany declared unrestricted submarine warfare, which meant that they would shoot any ships or boat in British waters without warning, this is one of the causes of one on Wilson’s point that encouraged freedom of the seas. Because many countries were willing to do whatever it took to win the war, trust between nations began to deteriorate. Wilson feared that the distrust of nations would later lead to more conflicts which would result in a future war, he knew something needed to be done to stop the current war and prevent a future one. Though many officials were very wary of the idea some of Wilson 's ideas were accepted.
The points that were adopted were freedom or seas, reduction of all armies, and the League of Nations. The first point,

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