President Woodrow Wilson's Influence On Society

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Woodrow Wilson was a man with many characteristics that helped him achieve so many great things in and out of the office. A man whose desire was to end all future wars in the nation. Woodrow Wilson was raised by Joseph Ruggles, his father who was also his mentor and encouraged him to become a religious man but would have also wanted him to follow his way of life in the ministry. Wilson had other plans he “sought ways to build patriotism and reshape the federal government to govern the reunited nation more effectively” (Clements 1). He wanted to make a difference in society bring new opportunities to the help the people and the economy as well. Wilson’s mother Janet Woodrow Wilson was a very bright rather shy woman who was also a great influence…show more content…
He prefers to use his powers for to help with the public, the citizens that helped him get to where he was at this point in his lifetime. He wanted to use his power to help inspire, shape and guide the public but to increase the economic well-being of the jobs of so many hardworking citizens. That is why “to Wilson he believed politically controlled and directed economic development was the basis of progress” (Clements 9), he wanted to help society expand and be able expand and create better opportunities for the American people. According to Wilson the only thing that capitalist was that they only sought power and profit for purely selfish reasons, by creating monopolies and abusing labor force. He believes that the government should control all the businesses because in order for the real growth to happen it needs to be guided or shaped by politics rather than rely on unlimited resources. He thought “Irresistible energy and efficiency of harmony and cooperation” could help the society move forward and create benefits for the work force, but the government will still regulate and guide them to public interest (Clements 9). Even though there could still be some people who still try to take advantage for their own personal gain. Capitalists try to maximize as much of their profit without taking into account the…show more content…
The U.S. was a time of Industrialization which meant it led to the rise of big businesses at the expense of the workers. Factory laborers faced long hours as, low wages, and unsanitary conditions. Capitalist were so busy trying to create profits for their own selfish needs that they did not care for the well-being of their workers. The large corporations only cared about protecting themselves by allying with political parties. Many people felt that all power rested with the politicians and businessmen, but the Progressives attempted to undo these problems caused by industrialization. The Progressive movement sought to end the influence of large corporations, provide more rights and benefits to workers, and end the control possessed by party leaders. The Progressive Era was a period in American history in which improving working conditions, exposing corruption, improving the way of life, expanding democracy, and making reforms were the objectives at hand. Woodrow Wilson was the ideal leader to help bring new reforms that could really help the working class, he believed that leaders should make decisions that is at its best interest for the public and during his time as president he really took the time to
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