Presidential Argument Analysis

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What is an area of life in which you have experienced people treating arguments as a kind of war? Arguments as a kind of war in my opinion is more prevalent today than ever. Most people want to be right and feel strongly about what they believe. The problem with this method of argument, it is very unproductive and utilizes tactics versus substance. The person making the claim only see their outcome and diminishes other valid points to achieve victory. I have experienced this type of arguments from the current presidential candidates. They all feel strongly about their beliefs and if anyone goes against them are the enemy. These arguments of war have taken a more personal role to a point of bringing family members into the equation. For example,…show more content…
During debates, the candidates are given a certain time to answer questions to the best of their ability and perform well. Performance during these supposedly organize arguments is sometimes just as important as answering the question. For instance, if a candidate is given a question and shows some type of emotion i.e. tear up, pause for a period of time or fly off the deep end gets the most responses from the viewers and media. Combing both an argument and performance takes practice and if mastered could be beneficial in articulating a…show more content…
The media play a major role and if someone, especially presidential candidates can turn an election in their favor. Donald Trump is a perfect example. Every time he hits the stage it becomes a performance of arguments that gets news coverage for weeks. This is a person with no political background but have the ability to perform his arguments very well. I strongly believe this is why he is the Republican front-runner. Why is it better to treat arguments as a venue for learning? This is important because no argument is the same, thus provides a new opportunity to learn. I have discovered more about myself in arguments than any other method. I am very inquisitive which in my opinion creates a better argument. This course has taught us the various types of arguments that could help in creating stronger and valid arguments. What traits of character does it require to be able to live according to that approach? I believe integrity and respect for others are characteristics that are necessary to live according to that approach. Having respect for others allows you to hear their side and acknowledge their feelings. Communication is the cornerstone of a strong argument and building effective

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