Presidential Election Process Analysis

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Over the course of this paper I will be discussing the main topic of the election that not only affects the United States of America, but the world in general. It is an election that can either change the course of history for the better or for the worse. This election occurs in between each term of the elected individual each of the two terms they could possibly serve. What election am referring to you may ask? The election that I am talking about is of course the presidential election. The presidential election is an event in which citizens’ of the United States are given the grand opportunity to voice their opinions and let their feelings be heard loudly and clear. The citizens of the United States are given the opportunity to vote for a…show more content…
The tie in between the information I provide earlier and now, is that the citizens of the United States are given the opportunity to speak their mind and let their feelings be known with a simple vote. Continuing, the president who wins the presidency office is the person who gets their point across the best towards the citizens of America and give them the greatest belief that they would be able to help to stimulate the country and make it as successful as possible. As I end my explanation on what exactly the presidential election process is, I would like to address the main questions in which this essay must address. To answer the question of whether or not the presidential election process is faithful to our democratic ideals, I would say that it is. I definitely believe that the presidential election is extremely faithful, due to the fact that it gives the citizens of America the chance to have the voices heard and their opinion on the direction the country is headed in for the next 4 to 8 years due to most presidents having a possible chance to have 2 terms in office. Continuing, if you ask what exactly is democracy in terms of our ideals towards it, you could bring up the point of it being the eligibility of every citizen having the chance…show more content…
Many citizens of the United States do not vote and expect for the presidential election to be faithful to our democratic ideas when their not being democratic during the actual election. It is also saying a lot when we chose not to be more democratic for presidential elections, but we expect for the government and presidential elections to be more faithful to our

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