Presidential Elections Ethos Pathos Logos

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Presidential election brings a lot of attention to candidates running for the office and public is listening and watching every move they are making. Public is also analyzing their thought process. News and media is analyzing their moves and trying to break it down for public. This year’s presidential election is nothing less and candidates have been under fire. San Jose Editorial group is also breaking down stands of this year’s candidates. San Jose Editorial group effectively use logos because they select how Trump planed his tax strategy. They also use pathos and ethos as effective because they try to bring emotion so they can show how Trump has been leading his companies. Writer used logos to appeal to see his tax return. He said that no one is saying that he has done something illegal but once its available to us then we can see what strategy he has used to save money on his taxes and what taxes he has paid. It is always a challenge to see a multi-millionaires tax return. Trump has been saying throughout his campaign that he has used things that were allowed by Internal Revenue Services to file taxes so he can get a break. News are coming from some…show more content…
Writer is trying to reach and connect with most of the readers and they are middle class. Middle class is the one who is the larger audience and are looking forward to see his tax return. Since Trump has been saying since his campaign has started that he has done nothing illegal and he has been emphasizing on it. He has made that his campaign’s main point that he has done nothing wrong and knows how to stay within the boundaries to go ahead and beyond to get his work done and he has what it takes to get the job done. Writer knows that a multimillionaire’s tax return is always a big subject. They know that most of the people will be looking forward to see the return and that’s the emotional side writer is playing to get the most of the reader’s
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