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Greetings, my name is Michael Konovalov and I am writing to you with concerns pertaining campaign financing in present day United States. It is of great interest to my constituents and to me that the past several decades have brought up a trend that is worrisome. The amount of money being spent to fund campaigns has skyrocketed. For a democratic system where power to the people is greatly preached the increasing influence of money on politics is unacceptable. As yet another presidential election is around the corner, there are no signs that these trends will halt. Lobbyists who look to throw their money at candidates in return for beneficial legislature are a big indicator that American democracy is moving further and further away from its…show more content…
Paul Waldman compares the campaigning process of a number of countries and looks at their respective policies concerning limits on contributions spending of a candidate’s campaign. For countries that have no limitations whatsoever, Waldman says “spending two or three million dollars to get a seat in the national legislature, the way American House candidates routinely do, would seem absurd.” In countries such as Sweden, Germany, or Australia, TV advertising which is the most expensive part of campaigns in the U.S., is banned. Also, campaigning is forbidden until a short period before the actual election. Perhaps these are several policies that can be brought to the U.S. Today. There is just under a year until the presidential election, yet candidates are well into their campaigns, sinking large chunks of money into advertising and traveling state to state. Banning hateful TV ads would also make sense because they are often funded by Super PACs as I have already mentioned. It seems that most other counties only have limits on spending, because there is no point of limiting how much a candidate can get if he or she is only allowed to spend a certain amount of

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