Presidential Role In Foreign Affairs

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Presidential Role in Foreign Affairs The president of the United States is delegated as the primary advisor when it comes to not only our nation’s affairs but foreign one’s as well. The problems and issues that come with this type of responsibility vary from each situation. This in turn can have a drastic effect either negatively or positively when it comes to re-election or gaining the support of the American public. The handling of foreign countries and affairs is crucial when it comes to the needs of the United States whether it be allies for war or merchants for goods. The most vital aspect of all of the job entitlements in my opinion is the handling of crisis or conflicts that arise not only stateside but overseas as well. How much does…show more content…
The next major objective of our president when it comes to foreign affairs is building and maintaining a peaceful global structure. This is key when it comes to forming and building alliances around the world. Finally, the last major objective of our president when it comes to foreign relations is protecting economic relations with the rest of the world. (Janda 333) As you see a lot of our nation’s success thrives off of foreign relations and it is up to our president to sustain and continue to build these partnerships. National Security as we identified previously is the number one priority when it comes to our president’s objectives with foreign relations. The war on terror triggered by the events of September 11, 2001 has been an ongoing battle even to this day for just over thirteen years. George W. Bush our current president at the time of the incident declared war and was backed by almost the entire nation but that has faded over the past few years as social media has shown the public the outcomes of war and their support has slowly started to fade because of the rise in death and downfall in…show more content…
The conflict of war has continued to slowly deteriorate our economy because of the high demands of funding. Trade relations are one of the biggest problems we face when it comes to the American economy. There are so many different factors the presidency must take into account when negotiating or conducting these operations. Our nation’s leader, “must balance the conflicting interests of foreign countries, the interests of particular American industries, the overall needs of the American economy, and the demands of the legislative branch. (Janda 332) The issue is brought to attention a lot by protestors who want the government to give jobs to U.S. citizens rather than handing them off to foreign countries for a cheaper price. The American public doesn’t take into account that the relations we build with the trade consumers of the U.S. can have a dynamic effect when it comes to future endeavors. One of the most crucial assignments our president has as a world leader is crisis management. Foreign aid is one crisis that has been one of the biggest problems associated with the downfall of the American economy. The budget alone in 2011,
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