Presidential Term Limits Disadvantages

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There are many advantages to presidential term limits. Term limits allow many different types of people and their leadership styles to be able to hold office rather than one person for an extended period of time. With different types of people coming into office, there can be many different and new ideas that can be created within the national government. With term limits, voters are not stuck with a president that is disliked and may not be an effective leader. If a president were to be elected without proper votes, it would be a comfort for voters to have term limits. Most importantly, term limits prevent a president from becoming too powerful by limiting his time in power. Term limits prevent the government from turning into a dictatorship.…show more content…
If the nation was involved in a crisis, government organization can be thrown off balance by a change in leadership. In addition, a president with more experience can be more beneficial to the nation’s well-being. If a president is popular and does a good job, perhaps it is best that he stays in the office. On this note, some people argue that the voters should be able to choose the president regardless of time in the presidential office. By choosing the president, people are participating in government and should be able to choose whomever they see fit to hold
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