Presidents During The 1900's

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Since 1789 44 men have taken the oath of office as President of the United States. All of them have done very good things but they’ve also done things that have made them look skeptical in the eyes of many Americans. Did you know George Washington and Thomas Jefferson owned more slaves than the average colonist during the 1700’s, yet they said all men were created equally. Apparently that only applied to rich white men. John Adams threatened to strip power from Congress so he could complete things he thought were best for the country if Congress didn’t agree with him. Every president has a certain agenda towards accomplishing things for the country during their time in office. It isn’t easy to follow those agendas though over the course of…show more content…
Some of the things presidents have done for example is Richard Nixon and Watergate, which led him to resign rather than get impeached. Bill Clinton couldn’t keep his pants on when it came to other women, leading him to an impeachment trial. Ronald Reagan, arguably the greatest President since the 1900’s, ignored the AIDS epidemic, in other words not do anything about preventing AIDS from spreading. Those are some examples but those Presidents were actually quite successful during their times in office. I’m going to be talking about three presidents who were just straight up horrible, those being Jimmy Carter, Andrew Johnson and George W.…show more content…
When Abraham Lincoln was assassinated on April 15, 1865 his vice president, Andrew Johnson, was sworn into office, the first time ever a president had to take office because of the previous president being murdered. Andrew Johnson was a democrat, so he had major challenges when he took office. It didn’t help either that he was from Tennessee, a state that seceeded fromt the Union during the Civil War. In an effort to try and make friends in Congress with the Republicans Johnson agreed to deny representitives from southern states that seceeded from the Union to sit in Congress. This came to back fire on him because he was from Tennessee but because he elected to help the North during the Civil War the southern state representitives didn’t support him at all. The rest of Congress started not to later in his tenure and he became the first president to have a veto overridden on him with ⅔ vote from Congress. Also there were two really bloody riots in the south that involved slavery, putting a bad stamp on Johnson. Congress put several laws on the President that would get him impeached if he violated any of them and when he violated the Tenure of Office Act he became the first president to get impeached. Because he had to work with radical Republicans in Congress Johnson never got his way when it came to trying to help the country improve from the Civil
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