Press: The Most Important Importance Of Press In Democracy

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The word “Press” generally refers to newspapers that serve news about national and international issues, cultural and scientific developments and also the topics related to our survival upon earth. The Daily press is the most important organ of a democratic set up. Democracy without the free movement of the press is a misnomer. None can undermine the importance of press in democracy. First of all, it offers us a lot of news about the day-to-day happenings of the world. Thus it keeps us always alive to the goings on of the globe. The newspapers publish all these news — political, social and religious. It must have the right to publish, these without any fear from any external authority. In countries where democracy prevails, freedom of the press is preserved and thus helps the individual considerably to frame his own judgments about issues. It also makes the Government, aware of the lapses or shortcomings of its aims and achievements. Freedom of the press refers to freedom of speech and expression which is and always should be fundamental right. Without this right the liberty of man is not complete. A country pledged to democracy must ensure that its citizens enjoy a free and daily press. Press keeps a constant vigil on the liberty of the people. To remove any harsh…show more content…
Not only accountability of individual politicians but also institutions, political parties and other decision making entities. Free media plays a big role in ensuring this aspect and in spreading information to the public on what the politicians, leaders, institutions and parties are doing. It also makes sure that every opinion, regardless of how unpopular it might be, gets a chance to be heard and understood. If media is not free and news are manipulated, this will take away from the citizens' right to information and right to form an opinion based on these information, which is very important in the whole democratic

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