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Pressure groups, undoubtedly, have become an important part of an administrative system. These groups try to pressurise the administrative and political system to ensure that their interests are promoted or to see that their interests are not at least relegated to the background. No political system in any country can function effectively without taking pressure groups in consideration. Therefore, I am going to give an explanation on the existence of pressure groups and the role they play in our developing country, India.

So, these are basically the forms of organisations which exert pressure on the political and administrative system of a country to extract benefits out of it and to present their own interests.
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Beside this they are using lobbying method, strike, bandh, demonstration, funding political parties, using party platform etc. Even pressure group role is indirect it facilitates many vital roles in administration. The various role of pressure groups are as follows-
• Role in legislature-Pressure groups tries to introduce their chosen person into legislature. They help political parties on the eve of election and prepares election manifesto.
• Role in executive-Pressure group tries to fill high executive posts with men of their own choice i.e. selection of cabinet, distribution of portfolios and P.M selection due to prevalence of collation government. And henceforth influences policy implementation process.
• Role in Bureaucracy- Bureaucrats are politically neutral and hence pressure group tries to oblige them by putting good remarks that protect their interests. Bureaucrats have long tenure and so they be in contact with them to oblige.
• Role in judiciary-appointment of judges in political affairs and here pressure groups plays important role in that high judicial offices are occupied by

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