Pressure Ulcer Essay

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Pressure ulcer is defined as skin breakdown and continuum of tissue damage of ischemic etiology secondary to high external pressure which usually occurs over prominences. Over bony prominences for 2 hours or more is enough to cause an ischemic wound.1 Individual who cannot independently reposition tend to be at the greatest risk for ulcer development.2 Pressure ulcers are the result of interplay of various intrinsic and extrinsic factors. The intrinsic factor includes immobilization, cognitive deficit, chronic illnesses, poor nutrition, use of steroids and aging.3 Orthopaedic wards already contain a higher proportion of beds with pressure sores than those of any other specialty. Orthopaedic patients with pressure ulcers experience greater morbidity and…show more content…
11 patients (18.03%) were admitted for elective surgery and 7 patients (11.48%) were treated for removal of old implants. One patient (1.64%) was admitted for conservative treatment. Out of these 42 patients treated for trauma, the most common interventions done were internal fixation of the hip, femur and pelvis done for 26 patients, 10 Females patients and 14 males. Hemi- and arthroplasty surgery were done for 11 patients, 8 females and 3 males. While spinal surgery were 5 patients, 2 females and 3 male patients. Sex and age wise prevalence rate of pressure sores: Chances of development of pressure sores increases with increasing age. Prevalence of pressure sores rose to 79.16% in the age group of 17-80 years and this observation was found to be highly statistically significant (p<0.001). (Table 2) Table 2: Prevalence and age wise distribution of Bed sore development among the study

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