Pressure Ulcer In Nursing Research

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Research is a systematic and scientific way of seeking information on a clearly defined question (Nagy, Mills, Waters & Birks, 2010). Nursing is an evidence based practice profession, therefore, research is an important aspect in nursing profession in order to develop knowledge in clinical practice, and administration. The clinical expertise of a nurse is based on the clinical experience, up to date knowledge of research and clinical literature and educational preparation. Therefore, it is clear that nursing research is an important aspect to develop knowledge about human responses and the best intervention to promote health, prevent and manage illness (Burns & Grove, 2010).
In this section, I would like to introduce the clinical issue of pressure ulcer among elderly bedridden patients in hospital settings. In my nursing practices in India, I witnessed and cared for several elderly bedridden patients with pressure ulcer. The most common practice that I noticed was repositioning. We used to …show more content…

86). The New Zealand wound care society sets the scene for November 21st as a worldwide ‘Stop Pressure Injury Day’ (Mckinnel, 2013) Pressure ulcer is the common problem in older adults. Within the first week of hospitalization 15% of elderly people develop pressure sores. Age related changes in the body systems cause skin to become more prone to breakdown, delayed healing and potential problems. Constant compression on the skin and blood vessel causes the impairment of cellular respiration which results in the death of cells and leads to form ulcer (Battaro & Barbara, 2013). Pressure ulcers can be prevented by early detection and high quality skin care, so, effective nursing care is essential to prevent pressure ulcers (Dziedzic,

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