Preterm Babies Case Study

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2.2.0 Current preterm babies care practices at home (Study II).
Appropriate management of babies born preterm at the community level is very crucial for their survival especially during the first days of life. There are tested and low-cost interventions that are applicable at home for the management of preterm babies. These interventions includes but not limited to thermal care, breast feeding, infection prevention (hygienic cord, general cleanliness and skin care).

According Morais et al (2009) in their research stated that “the thematic universe of premature child care is revealed through general aspects of caring for the premature infant, the way the caregiver perceives the premature infant, and how this infant is given care” (p.26).
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However, basic and simple hygiene practices at home such as proper hand washing before handling the baby, use of clean clothing to wrap the baby and maintaining a clean environment are well known but poorly practice at home.

According to Seward et al (2012) as cited in Lawn et al (2013), pointed out that preterm babies born by poor families at home using clean kits and improved hygienic practices such as hand washing have shown to reduce preterm mortality. A study done by Gondwe et al (2014) mentioned that, few women during FGDs reported that maintaining good hygiene such as washing of the baby’s clothes, keeping the house environment clean and controlling dust by sprinkling water around the house surrounding can prevent preterm babies
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Integrated Management of Neonatal and Childhood Illnesses (IMNCI) developed by WHO clearly defined various cases in a simplified manner for health workers to teach caregivers to identify dangers signs of neonatal illness at home. The IMNCI is strategy used to provide standard case definition of various neonatal morbidities such as pneumonia, neonatal jaundice, and neonatal sepsis by identifying certain key clinical signs. The IMNCI is implemented effectively when caregivers and health care providers are able to identify dangers signs of neonatal illness and seek prompt and appropriate care at the right level of health care to reduce

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